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Our process is designed to evolve suppliers into best in class companies with strong balance sheets and management teams to solve the needs of our Fortune 500 partners. For more detailed information on how we have helped clients achieve their goals, please review our case studies.

1. Assess

We begin by assessing the specific challenges and objectives encountered by our Fortune 500 partner. This is a crucial first step to align on the goals and objectives for a potential supply chain transformation. After our assessment, we target areas for an APCH solution.

2. Identify

Next we review the current and potential suppliers in the chain, identifying those that fall within our investment criteria. We seek high performers that can benefit from addition capital or operational support. Target acquisitions generally range in size from $20MM to $150MM EBITDA.

3. Acquire

After our diligence team has filtered the list down to one, we move to acquire a majority stake in the company. As majority owners, we satisfy the growth capital and liquidity needs through investment.

4. Evolve

Post-acquisition, we immediately begin to deploy best practices, executive recruitment, marketing, and operational strategies. Where appropriate, we convert the supplier into an MBE certified company to aid our Fortune 500 partner in meeting diversity supplier targets.

5. Sustain

Finally, we ensure continued growth through innovation in product design and systems improvements in addition to collaboration and alignment with our Fortune 500 partner. This enable complimentary supplier growth and helps to establish a sustainable competitive advantage.

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