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Pablo Schneider

Pablo Schneider


Mr. Schneider is focused on business, media, and leadership. In business, he is CEO of The Wider Net, a firm dedicated to advancing diverse leaders in top leadership. In media, he has been published in NACD Directorship, FOX News Latino, Latino Leaders, and PODER. In leadership, he is Chairman of the Renaissance Dinners and a member of the Thunderbird Global Council.

He is an NACD Board Leadership Fellow as well as an alumnus of LEAD San Diego and of the Texas Lyceum.

During his 25-year business career he has served as a senior executive with BlueCross and Blue Shield, Delta Dental, and three growth ventures.  He has served on private, non-profit, and governmental boards for the past 20 years.
He earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees with honors in Business Administration and Management from San Diego State University.