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Catalyzing Supply Chain Evolution

APCH addresses the increasing demand for capable supply chain partners to match accelerated growth of evolving Fortune 500 companies. We partner with the world’s leading corporations to select, grow and align key suppliers in an effort to unlock value and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Grooming the Perfect Ally

Our initial goal is to understand and identify the characteristics of the perfect supply chain partner. Equipped with this ideal, we seek large-scale investment opportunities in suppliers with strong potential for growth. Once selected, we employ various optimization solutions across people, processes, and technology to create bigger, better suppliers. The end result is a more innovative, stable, compliant, cost-effective, and adaptive supply partner for Fortune 500 companies.

The APCH Partnership Platform

By partnering with APCH, we can work together to build best in class suppliers and avoid potential stagnation. Leveraging our unique mix of investing and operational expertise, we can decrease your risk exposure and resource allocation while building long lasting, valuable supplier relationships. We believe in being true partners with shared risks and rewards striving to accomplish the same goal of sustainable competitive advantage. To this end, our approach is contrary to other models in that our investment horizon is long-term with an indefinite holding period.





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