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Fortune 100 Global IT Services Company


Former APCP portfolio company, ZeroChaos, which included involvement of current APCH team members, engaged with an industry leading global financial services company to ensure that their domestic contract labor program would continue to meet the needs of their critical lines of business.  Key focus was on rapid acquisition, heavy regulatory requirements, consolidation and talent aggregation to integrate disparate IT systems.


Based on their requirements, and due to APCP’s capital support, ZeroChaos created and introduced a new supplier management model that allowed the financial service company client to rapidly integrate the best talent and suppliers which helped integrate four newly acquired companies over a 3-year timeframe without project downtime or delay.


ZeroChaos and the client’s integration team grew the program from $80-$200M over 3 years, yielding 12% savings to the client and generating high levels of customer satisfaction to both the acquirer and acquired entities which allowed for continued growth and consolidation.