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Former APCP portfolio company, ZeroChaos, which included involvement of current APCH team members, engaged with an industry leading global IT service company to understand the critical success factors for their global contract labor program. Some of the IT company’s business challenges included: supply chain rationalization, cost reduction, access to best global talent, consistent program quality and international business standards.


Due to APCP’s access to capital and large credit line, ZeroChaos was able to create and introduce an innovative, disruptive talent acquisition model that leveraged dedicated talent pools, reverse auctions, full-disclosure pricing and true crowdsourcing. It also created competitive pressure on the incumbent supplier base, which caused those suppliers to remove cost from their supply chain, benefitting the customer.


Due to the program’s success in North America, the client requested the ZeroChaos program be utilized internationally. This led to a 15 country footprint in 5 years, generating approximately $10MM in annual savings to the client.

With APCP’s involvement ZeroChaos was able to grow their business with this client from $0 to $300M annually.