Left Right

At APCH, we are driven by the opportunity to create lasting value – for Fortune 500 partners, investors, suppliers, and the social sphere that connects us all together. While our strategies and portfolios may change to optimize performance, we are anchored in our commitment to social responsibility.


In looking to build large, expansive enterprises, we understand that there is an inherit responsibility to not only be good stewards of our investors money, but also to be good corporate citizens.


Building a portfolio of best in class, global enterprises means having a significant global presence. We are humbled by the opportunity to use this influence and reach to make a positive impact in the communities we operate.


High performing businesses are as much about culture as they are operational capacity. Post-acquisition we are dedicated to serve the communities in which our collective employees work and live through social initiatives and nonprofit partnerships.


With each investment we make and every potential candidate we consider, we hold social awareness at the center of our diligence. Health, environmental, and safety issues remain a primary focus in our decision making process.

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