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Who We Are

APC Holdings LLC (APCH) is a private investment and corporate development firm that specializes in acquiring and leading businesses to solve the needs of Fortune 500 companies. We employ our capital resources, operational expertise, and expansive network of senior level procurement officers among Fortune 500 companies to grow key vendors into best in class suppliers.

APCH was formed to address the increasing gap between supplier capabilities and the needs of Fortune 500 companies. Our vision is to provide long-term solutions by strengthening the abilities of existing supply chain partners and purchasing suppliers to satisfy unmet needs. By leveraging our expertise and strong relationships, APCH is fast becoming the trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies looking to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through supply chain transformation.

The Problem

Markets constantly have to adjust for changes in political landscapes, economic turmoil, advancements in technology, demographic shifts and other forces. Companies must evolve and adapt to maintain growth and profitability. Many Fortune 500 companies have proven successful in navigating this volatility and protecting market share. However, they often partner with suppliers who lack the economic resources and operational expertise to adapt and grow at a complimentary pace. This results in supply chain stagnation, which can cap growth and innovation.

While some companies may deploy strategies to improve supplier capabilities, these programs are resource intensive and increase risk exposure. APCH offers an alternative solution. We are positioned to acquire, build, and evolve suppliers in an effort to help stabilize supply markets, encourage innovation, decrease risk, increase utility, and decrease cost for Fortune 500 companies. We believe that a stronger supply chain fuels growth in leading global companies and, as a result, propels the global economy forward.

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